ashley and the emmys file for divorce

big_blue_binThe first thing I need to say is this isn’t about anger. No, this is more about soul-crushing, childhood ending disappointment.

If you’ve been paying attention to me at all, you may have heard me say once or twice or a thousand times how if Mary Fucking McDonnell wasn’t nominated for an Emmy this year, I was done. Well, I wasn’t kidding. Maybe some context will help illuminate the situation.

When I was in seventh grade, I discovered the TV Guide. It was a revelation. People write about TV! There’s a whole magazine! Every week! About TV. I read it cover to cover every Wednesday (grocery day). And when I say cover to cover, I mean that I read the listings, the horoscopes . . . everything. (I also used to collect covers. At one point, I had about seventy of them squirreled away in my closet.) When the Fall Preview issue would come out every August, I’d set my life by it, pick the new shows I wanted, make an official, painstakingly hand-made schedule, etc. And this was before the internet, mind you. I was all alone, and the TV Guide was my bible. So of course, come September, the Emmys were top of the list.

As a kid, you have a simple faith in the world that translates well to award shows. You have an inherent faith in the nature of things. For example, when the Oscars or Emmys claim that they are awarding THE BEST, then damn it, they are awarding THE BEST, no matter how much it hurt my feelings. It wasn’t until much, much later in my life that I realized the farce I had been playing along with. Quite simply, if the Emmys are an institution that refuses to acknowledge the revolutionary awesome powers of everything about Battlestar Galactica, then they are not worth my time. I had to learn it the hard way, but the Emmys are a place where THE BEST is perennially left out in the cold.

Battlestar Galactica isn’t the first stellar television ever to be snubbed by the Emmys (with the exception of Star Trek: The Next Generation, sci-fi has never gotten its due), and it won’t be the last. Hell, it wasn’t even the only quality show snubbed this year. Conspicuously absent are also The Wire, Friday Night Lights, and The Shield. Me and the Emmys, we’ve been having trouble for years, but it’s time to say goodbye and no amount of therapy is going to fix it. This year’s nominees may not have included the usual suspects (Spader, Piven, etc.), but I fear with the onset of the reign of Mad Men and 30 Rock (as good as those shows may be), the Emmy PTB have just replaced one head of the class with another, and that, quite frankly, is something I just don’t want to be around to see.

(Read The TV Squad’s take on this here. Couldn’t have said it better. In fact, didn’t.)

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    • Seriously, how is that show so well liked? For some reason because you have a kid not understanding compeltely rude humour it’s suddenly alright? The only good part of the show is Charlie Sheen and even he doesn’t make the weak jokes passable. ARGH! RAGE!!!!!

      I mean, if you want crass and vulgar, I say It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia or nothing.

  1. Wow, very well said! Mary was amaazing all through BSG – it’s really all I’ve seen her in… Wait, she was in Independance Day, wasn’t she? She was good in that too!

  2. I’m more or less with you, but… you have to give the Emmys at least a little bit of props for more or less adding a category just for Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.

    I think what it really comes down to is that the system for these award shows were designed when it was hard to product quality content and only 3 networks and about 5 movie studios were doing it. I don’t take it as a personal attack on my taste, just an indication that between cable TV and the Internet, that my entertainment has come a long way since I was a kid :)

    • I think the Emmys are outdated, and of course they’re going to get some of it right, but isn’t there something wrong with the fact that it took Dr. Horrible to get Joss Whedon nominated? He should have been already a thousand times over. If they ever start getting it right, I’ll go back, but I just don’t see the point. The outcome of that show for the past ten years (and seriously in the last five) have in no way been equal to what I consider to be quality television. How can you say something is “the best” if you refuse to watch everything that’s out there?

      • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to talk you into giving it one more chance lol. I was just kind of making some statements for the sake of conversation.

        But I agree with you. Like I said, the Emmys, Grammys and Oscars are all designed to service people that aren’t like me and times gone by. Soon, they will be completely outdated and the last of the people that care will be gone.

        I think what’s the best is “Outstanding Art Direction For Variety, Music Or Nonfiction Programming” category. Apparently, this is a category where the Emmy’s can honor… other… award shows? Three of the five programs are award shows. That’s just silly! Let us not forget the ever important “Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program” category.

        I think 30 Rock is funny, but 4 of the 5 noms for outstanding comedy? At least Flight of the Conchords and How I met your Mother didn’t get completely shut out.

  3. The Oscars have been over politicized for years and years and, to the Emmy’s credit, the people who nominate TV shows have done a far better job. That said, there is always going to be some things that slip through the cracks regardless of how hard they try. Regardless, all of the award shows are about self promotion and flexing all of their big guns. The only award show worth watching is the Independent Spirit Awards, but that doesn’t do much for TV.

  4. Well, to be fair, The Wire has been over since March ’08, making it totally ineligible for consideration.

    …but like, what do you want? It’s the Emmys. It’s an industry congratulating itself in a prime time broadcast, just in time for the new season. It’s like the Oscars. They never get it right — though this year they actually seem less out of touch than usual (though even though I love Mad Men & 30 Rock both, the writing categories are ridiculous) — but I will still watch it every year.

    • Oh, I totally agree with you. Now. The thing is, I’ve spent a good portion of my life under the impression that all was fair and right with the world and over the last few years it’s been a gradual battle and yadda yadda, this was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I used to invest a great deal of time and energy into caring about the Emmys but I’m finally over it. It’s just not that important.

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