i am gay for katee sackhoff

vordogh9In honor of tonight’s episode, there’s a lot of love floating around for The Sackhoff today, and I’ll be honest with you, I’m just throwing in my towel right now. Because damn it all to Hell, straight girl that I am, I would totally hit that. I’m not really sure this is that much of confession at this point, but I’m confessing it nonetheless. Katee Sackhoff, if you’re out there somewhere, I’m sorry that I think these bad thoughts about you, but I just can’t help myself. And also it’s cool if you don’t like me like that, but can we just be BFF instead?

Who would the rest of you be gay for? Yunjin Kim? Hugh Laurie? Tina Fey? John Stamos? Sound off in the comments; pictures would be nice, as well. (I already know Gretchen’s answer; it’s the same as mine. Sackhoff FTW!)

Starbuck kicks Hot Dog's ass in "Unfinished Business."

I want to touch her.

Obligatory awesome hair picture.

Right before she gets bitchslapped by sadness in "Exodus Part II."

Wouldn't it be cool if we all had personal photographers to make us look awesome?

Lee telling Kara that he believes her in "Six of One."

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    • Ooh, Gillian Anderson. Good one. (I’m a sucker for a chick who kicks ass.) Also, I feel that Olivia Wilde has unnatural porcelain skin and sometimes I have to look away from her so as not to go blind.

  1. I can think of several women I’d go gay for. Sadly though, I think you’re referring to people of the same gender.

    Fox Mulder. Noel Gallagher. Maybe Bob Sanders? This hurts to think about.

  2. “…damn it all to Hell, straight girl that I am, I would totally hit that.” Video, please?

    Anyways…I’d totally go gay for Hugh Laurie, Timothy Hutton, Nathan Fillion, NPH, and Robert Downey, Jr. Man…I’m a dirty little whore, aren’t I?

  3. That pic of her with the personal photographer caption is hottttt.
    And even though I very, very much love the men-folk, if the following women approached me, I would not say no.
    Tina Fey, obvs
    Amy Adams
    And definitely Kristen Bell
    (Yikes, I hope those links work.)
    Also, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ellen Degeneres, Jenna Fischer, and Zooey Deschanel.

    • Natalie Portman has a perfectly formed skull, and I’m very glad, because otherwise V for Vendetta would have been really frightening. Sidenote — I frickin love that movie.

  4. Well I was too late because all mine got taken but I will list them anyway:
    KRISTEN BELL (just too gorgeous)
    Natalie Portman
    Sarah Michelle Gellar (as Buffy of course, I am a fan of the kick ass women as well)

    I’m sure there are are others but these three first came to mind.


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