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eleven readingSo it’s that time of year again: the time of year that I reveal to you the list I’ve spent all year working on. You may not want to see it. You may not care at all. But I am going to post it anyway because my OCD won’t let me not post it. Or perhaps you’re not here to see my list of the 151 books I read this year, you just want some book recommendations. Maybe you don’t follow me on Twitter, or read my reviews over at Cannonball Read. In that case, the following post is perfect for you.

I also feel compelled to note that this is the latest I have ever published this list. In previous years, it’s been on January 1st. It is now January 28th. The reason for my posting it so late is that I am an awful, lazy, useless person, and last weekend I ate an entire gallon of ice cream all by myself. That last bit is only tangentially related to this post. It’s more of a character reference to put the rest of it in perspective.

So on to the books.

The content of this post consists of the following: 1) my favorite books I read in 2013, 2) other books I really enjoyed, 3) my least favorite books of 2013, and 4) the entire list of books I read in 2013. For documenting purposes, I have noted when a book was over 500 pages, when I was re-reading, and at the very bottom is the total number of pages contained in all the books I read. If I wasn’t feeling so aggressively apathetic right now (which: how is that mood even possible?) I would totally use an exclamation point in the following sentence, but no. Instead I shall only say: happy reading in 2014.

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#NaNoWriMo Update, Days Eleven-Twelve: Monkey, Monkey, Underpants

NaNoWriMo, Days Eleven-Twelve
Food Consumed: salad (who am I?!), two chocolate covered Peppermint Joe-Joe’s (that’s better)
Writing Time: four hours
Words Written: 13, 750
Daily Goal Met at: 9:09 PM
Number of I CAN’T DO THIS Panic Attacks: one today, just being honest, then I started writing and was fine
Lady of the Day: Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

- – -

lorelai psychic

lorelai meeeh

- – -

Really the only thing I have to say at this point is, damn, why can’t somebody else just do all this work for me? More substantive update tomorrow, I promise.

#NaNoWriMo Update, Days Seven-Ten: It’s not you, it’s me. I don’t like you.

NaNoWriMo, Days Seven-Ten
Food Consumed: too much food to document in this space
Writing Time: two hours (on Saturday), five hours (on Sunday)
Words Written: 10, 368
Daily Goal Met at: yes — wanted to hit 10,000
Number of I CAN’T DO THIS Panic Attacks: none!!
Lady of the Day: Aeryn Sun from Farscape — FUCK YEAH FARSCAPE

- – -

aeryn rain aeryn sassyaeryn snow aeryn smiling

- – -

First of all, there are four GIFs of the glorious Aeryn Sun instead of one or two because: 1) She is glorious, 2) You can think of it like there is one GIF for each day this entry supposedly covers, 3) Look at that face, and 4) I fucking love her. Why haven’t you assholes watched Farscape yet? GO WATCH FARSCAPE RIGHT NOW. It’s super weird. It’s got Muppets and sex and the greatest love story in the history of the known universe.

I’m sorry I called you all assholes. I’m in what my mother calls “a mood” right now. Probably why I picked Ms. Sun as my lady avatar today also. I’m feeling feisty and she is the queen of feisty. Why isn’t Claudia Black in more things? I seriously love her.

Also, I’m supposed to be writing about writing.

Bad news: I didn’t write a single word from Wednesday night until Saturday afternoon. I was supposed to be at 16,000 or so words by the end of today. I’m about 6,000 words behind.

Good news: I wrote about 3,500 words this weekend. I finished chapter two and started chapter three, although barely. I call it a win. Jennie’s advice to just spew crap and worry about making it good later is helping as well. (There is a LOT of crap coming out as of right now.) Also, I’m starting to get to the good stuff, and I’m having less issues with the word count because I’ve found a brain workaround. It goes like this: whenever I find myself starting to freak about not meeting the word count and just wanting to quit and go read a book instead, I tell myself FUCK THE WORD COUNT and HAVE FUN WITH YOUR STORY YOU ASSHOLE. See? I even call myself an asshole so shut up it’s equality.

P.S. I really want to start up my Farscape Rewatch again. I got stuck at the best episode of the series because it’s so good I felt I couldn’t do it justice. I think I’m going to suck it up and just write. Maybe in a couple of weeks?


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